Grief Tool

Most of us think that grieving occurs only after a death. Yet, HUMANS GRIEVE THE LOSS OF MANY THINGS. You may be grieving the loss of childhood dreams and college ambitions. You may be grieving not having the "perfect" parents or the divorce of your parents. You may be grieving your own divorce or the divorce of your child.

There are great number of losses each of us experience in a lifetime. Although there is not a right way to grieve, there are 5 Stages to grief that you can expect to go through.

Stage 1: Denial - is the belief that the loss did not occur or that it has limited or no impact on you.

Stage 2: Anger - is the emotional response to not being in control of the loss.

Stage 3: Bargaining - is the act of trying to take control of the loss

Stage 4: Sadness - is the emotional response to not be able to bring the lost back.

Stage 5: Acceptance - is the emptional and behavioral response when the previous four stages have been successfully worked through.

If you have been in one of these stages for 3 months or longer, your grief may beturning into depression. Contact Duggan Therapy LLC for a consultation and be on your way back to a happy, healthy and well-adjusted life.