Depression Tool

If you or your child has been experiencing 2 or more of the below symptoms for 30 days or more,  you should contact Duggan Therapy LLC today for a Consultation.

___Sad Mood: Moodiness, Irritability, Crying Spells

___ Negative Self-Perceptions: Difficulty Accepting Praise, Self-Punitive, Unrealistic Levels of Aspirations

___ Social Withdraw: Isolation from Friend and Family, Feelings of Loneliness, Ambivalence Toward Love-Objects

___ Changes in School or Work Performance and Attitude: Drop in Grades, Loss of Effort, Memory and/or Concentration Impairment

___ Reduced Capacity for Pleasure: Diminished Capacity for Fun, Loss of Enthusiasm

___ Loss Of or Reduction In Energy: Boredom, Retreat from Personal Interests, Reduction in Activity

___ Somatic (Physical) Complaints: Headaches, Abdominal Pain, Muscle Aches, Enuresis (wetting), Encopresis (soiling)

___ Sleep Disturbances: Difficulty Going To or Staying Asleep, Difficulty Awakening, Restlessness, Nightmares, Anxiety about Sleep

___ Changes in Appetite: Weight Loss or Gain, Compulsive Eating, Obesity

___ Aggression: Acting Out, Tantrums, Belligerents