Group Counseling

Group Counseling may seem intemidating at first thought, but it is gaining popularity for two reasons. First, more people are seeking it out as an affordable alternative to one-on-one psychotherapy, and second,  research continues demonstrating the effectiveness of group counseling. 

Unlike individual psychotherapy, groups offer "Power in Numbers" according to Americaian Psychological Association.  Group therapy provides so many benefits that can not be acheived in one-on-one counseling.  The many benfits include:

  • Common identity
  • Sense of shared purpose
  • Interaction with peers
  • Social support
  • Improve social networks
  • Reduction of stigma
  • Reduction of Isolation and Feelings of Alienation 
  • Modeling and Mentoring


Getting Started is simple.  Just schedule an appointment for a consultation with Laura Duggan and type "group" in the comment section. You will recievie a few individaul sessions to insure your readiness for group.  

Cost may be one of the best reasons to choose group counsleing.  The individaul sessions will be $60 and the group sessions are $30.